You can download a PDF of the Hairaisers Turbans Brochure here (0.5 Meg) or for your FREE catalogue (sent within 48 hours) please fill in the form on our contact page.

Hairaisers have a wide selection of turbans, comfortable and easy to wear, the turbans come in a variety of easy care fabrics and a choice of colours and designs.

Complete your turban with Hairaisers removable fringe. Just place it at the front, under the turban. Its thin construction makes it quite invisible, and its soft cap is extremely comfortable. You can also use the removable fringe with a hat or a scarf. The removable fringes are available in 15 colour ways, ranging from natural colours to highlights, bolder fashion techniques and tipped fringes, allowing you to change the colour of your removable fringe on a regular basis.

Removable fringes – colours available; 1B, 4/6-2/4, 12/14, 24-18T, 27/26, 14/26, 263, 33, 33-32T, 33/29CB, 28, 51/56, 205. 101/14, 6/830-6.

Turbans come in a variety of colours, some of which are shown below:

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